Dowie Corp is a non profit organization that holds sporting events to raise money for children with cancer. Although every event we hold has a different theme, each one will create a fun and competitive environment for athletes to showcase their skills in, while at the same time contribute to our cause. Dowie Corp will hold a variety of events throughout the upcoming year with the goal of spreading our company's mission. The children's camp that Dowie Corp donates to is Sunrise Day Camp . Sunrise Day Camp does an amazing job of uniting children with cancer throughout the world so they can fight their battle together. Dowie Corp will go above and beyond to make sure this cause does not go unnoticed. We will put our hearts and souls into our mission and make it a success. Dowie Corp's first event was a track meet for people of all ages. We were able to raise $1300 for Sunrise Day Camp from this one event!!

Check out the photos from our first annual track meet here

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Ethan Dowie  President

Ethan Dowie


My name is Ethan Dowie and I am a Pearl River High School alumni who currently attends Rider University. From the time I was little until now, I've always been involved in sports. Besides being fun and exciting, I made friends and learned a great deal about team work. The coaches I had, taught me not only about the sport itself, but also about life lessons. Last summer, I worked at Sunrise Day Camp, and everyday I saw kids who faced health challenges arrive at camp ready to get involved in all the fun activities offered. The highlight of my day was joking around with the kids at lunch and trying to teach them as many handshakes as possible. I was impressed by how the kids never let their illnesses get in the way of a fun camp experience. Dowie Corp is my way of giving back to the community that always gave me so much.