Schedule of events

*All track events will be in the order as followed. Girls 13 and under, Girls 14-17, Women 26 and up, Women 18-25, Boys 13 and under, Boys 14-17, Men 26 and up, Men 18-25. Field events will have open pit*

                Track Events                                                                                                        Field Events

100 Meter Dash (Semi’s)-10:00 A.M                                                                          Shot Put- 10:00 A.M (Final)

1600 M (Final)- 10:15 A.M                                                                                      Triple Jump- 11:00 A.M (Final)                                      

400 M Dash (Final)-10:45 A.M                                                                                  Long Jump- 11:30 A.M (Final)

 100 M Dash (Final)-11:00 A.M                                                                               

800 M Dash (Final)-11:15 A.M

200 M Dash (Final)-11:30 A.M

4x1 M Relay (Final)-11:45 A.M

4x4 M Relay (Final)- 12:00 PM

*After events finish, there will be an awards ceremony to announce the meet MVP*